HDMI A í HDMI A 2.0 10m ljósleiðari

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HDMI A gegnum Ljósleiðara leysir vandan
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HDMI A í HDMI-A 2.0 í gegnum ljósleiðara og þú getur komið 4k merkinu í fullum gæðum þangað sem þú villt.





  • HDMI 2.0
  • Ultra HD 4K 2160p
  • Fiber optic technology
  • Flexible outer jacket
  • Exchangeable connectors
  • HDMI ARC up to 50 meter
  • Multi-purpose connections (Micro-HDMI [Both sides])



Eigum flesta til á lager:

CLV220A/10 10 meter
CLV220A/15 15 meter
CLV220A/20 20 meter
CLV220A/30 30 meter
CLV220A/40 40 meter
CLV220A/50 50 meter
CLV220A/70 70 meter
CLV220A/100100 meter


The CLV220A is an active optical HDMI 2.0 cable aimed for fixed installations. It is able to transmit resolutions up to ultra HD 4K 2160p (4096 x 2160) at 60 Hz with a bandwidth of 18Gbps via OM3 fiber optical fiber technology, eliminating the possibility of electronic interference. The interchangeable connectors enable you to easily detach and reattach the connectors. This way the cable can be fitted through holes and straight tubes with diameters as small as 25 mm.

The CLV220A comes with a USB A to USB Micro B cable included, which is an accessory only required when the HDMI port on the transmitter side is delivering insufficient voltage (typically required when < 4.8 V) for powering the receiver end. The power is transferred from transmitter end to receiver end over the CLV220A cable.

Most general HDMI sources deliver sufficient voltage making the additional cable unnecessary. However typical applications where it might be required are e.g. streaming media player boxes, which might deliver insufficient voltage over their HDMI output.