Narda mælitæki

Narda mælitæki

Narda bíður upp á margar gerðir mælitækja og persónuverndarbúnað fyrir tíðnir.

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As Holger Schwarz already announced at the Sales Partner Webinar on January, 24/25, 2024 the first official webinar on this topic, where we will introduce the IQ Analyzer to the public, will be held on February 20/21, 2024.

Registration Form for Webinar: SignalShark – now with IQ Analyzer


Narda Safety Test Solutions

Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH was founded on January 1, 2000. The company emerged from the Radio Frequency Measurement division of the former Wandel & Goltermann Group. The scope of activities of Narda Safety Test Solutions comprises the business areas EMF Safety, RF Test & Measurement and EMC. In all business areas Narda is one of the leading suppliers of high quality measurement solutions tailored to the application. 

Narda Safety Test Solutions is a leading manufacturer of high-precision quality measurement technology in the areas of safety in electromagnetic fields, interference localization and spectrum monitoring, and EMC. Safety in electromagnetic fields includes broadband and frequency selective field strength meters, area monitors, and body-worn monitors for personal safety. Interferer Localization and Spectrum Monitoring includes real-time receivers and automatic DF antennas for direction finding and localization of radio signals as well as long-term monitoring. EMC provides measurement instruments for verifying the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment (brand name PMM). Narda operates its own accredited calibration laboratories in Germany and Italy. Service and training programs complete its range of services.

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